Substitutes Needed

Sept 2 - We are a couple weeks into the year and have already tapped into our substitute teacher list.  Our teachers are dedicated individuals, but life happens, and they do need to be gone from time to time for illness and personal reasons.  Therefore, having a long substitute list is definitely an asset. MR2 is very fortunate to have several highly qualified, experienced substitutes; many are retired teachers.  However, we are always looking for more.

To apply as a substitute teacher, contact the district office (1501 South Munn or phone 660-562-3255) for an application. Once applications are submitted and screened administratively, they are recommended for hire at the next Board of Education meeting.  Once Board approved, individuals are added to the master list and may begin working when called.  

Part of the application process is providing a Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) certificate to be a substitute teacher.  In general, to be eligible for a certificate, an applicant needs 60 completed college credit hours and a satisfactory fingerprint background check. However, later this fall DESE will offer its own 20 hour training as an alternative to the 60 college hours. Detailed information on substitute certification can be found at www.