2023 Teacher of the Year - Phil Stone

Congrats to Phil Stone, the MR2 2023 Teacher of the Year!

-Congrats, Mr. Stone!

2023 Support Staffer of the Year

Congrats to Val Clements, the MR2 2023 Staffer of the Year!

-Congrats, Mrs. Clements!

2023 Teacher of the year nominees

Celebrating our Teacher of the Year Nominees: Jill Auten, Jennifer Buholt, Phil Stone, Mackenzie Campbell & Ron Wiederholt.

-Thank you for all you do for kids.

2023 Support Staff of the Year Nominees

Celebrating our Support Staff of the Year Nominees: Wendy Miller, Jennifer McDowell, Val Clements, Shelly Stiens & Gib Hall

-Thank you for all you do for our District


Congratulations, Halle Wilson (senior daughter of Stephanie and Todd Wilson), for earning the MR2 BOE Belcher Scholarship.

-Thank you for representing the district so well.