Google Apps for Education Resources

Getting Started

Instructions for logging in as staff

The first-time steps work for staff, too.

Creating groups -- used for distribution lists.

Building admins, librarians, and computer/business teachers will have access to change passwords.

Information on how to access the various Google Apps accounts.

Save a tree! Share, don't print!

Putting your existing file into Google Docs.

Printing from a classic (non-cloud enabled) printer

These emails will only sync with the computer that you have Outlook installed on. Gmail emails will not appear in the Outlook Web App.

Forwarding creates a copy of your Gmail in your Outlook account and will appear in the Outlook Web App.

This letter must be signed and returned by a parent or guardian before we can allow a student to have access to their Google Apps account.

For use with Chromebooks

Tips from Google for creating secure passwords

Great stuff provided by MoreNet. Updated regularly.

What to do when you are leaving the District

Learning About Google Apps

An online learning environment dedicated for educators and students to learn how to effectively use Google Apps

Lots of tips and tricks for searching, Gmail, Docs, and Calendar

Free eBook from Google about internet basics and the importance of internet safety.

Presentation slides from the Google Apps for Education team

From the Google Apps Youtube channel

Search for lesson plans  the use Google Apps for Education

Where free Google tools meet ePortfolios

Resources for multiple Google Apps

Staff development and classroom use ideas/resources


How To Geek - The Complete Guide to Gmail will help you learn how to be a power user.

Google Calendar

Comprehensive resource for using Google Calendar in the classroom

Tips and instructional ideas for using Google Calendar in the classroom

Tutorial Video

Google Calendar playlist from the Google Apps YouTube Channel

Google Docs

From Richard Byrne at FreeTech4Teachers

How to enable comment only access when sharing a Google Doc

Tips and instructional ideas for using Google Docs in the Classroom

Part 1 of a 3 part blog post series on using Google Docs with students. Tips for online collaboration

Ideas and steps for creating a classroom newspaper or newsletter in Google Docs

Blog post outlining the process of creating digital content kits for student projects

Google Earth

Many ideas for Classroom Use 

Requires the Google Earth Plug-In. Google Earth model with multiple layers that can be toggled on and off

Free getting started guide for

Lesson plans, tips, and access to the Google Earth for Educators Community

Tips and ideas for instructional use

Free, Downloadable files for Google Earth to follow the journey of characters from famous pieces of literature

Google Forms

Step-by-step video from YouTube

Pictorial with instructions from

Video, Text, and links from Google

Google Sketchup

Classroom ideas and lesson plans

From the Google Sketchup site

Ideas for using Google Sketchup in math

Portions of this page were adapted from the Lee's Summit R7 School District Website