Parking Regulations

Driving and Parking Regulations

Penalty for Violations of Driving/Parking Regulations

 Violation of any of these driving and parking regulations will cause the student to be subject to one to three (1-3) days in ISS, possible loss of their driving/parking privileges, and/or traffic citation with a fine, and/or towing of their vehicle at the owner’s expense.

·        Permits are available in the main office at no cost.

·        Hang tags for the current year must be visibly hanging on the rear view mirror.

·        Vehicles on campus may be inspected/searched periodically.

·        Students/Parents must agree to random drug testing through the parent portal during online registration or by hard copy in the MHS Office.

·        Students are restricted to parking in the student parking lot.

The maximum speed on campus is 15 mph.

·        Scooters and motorcycles should be parked at the far south end of the parking lot. ATVs are not allowed on campus.

·        Discipline consequences may be issued for vehicles improperly parked or driven.

·        Driving privileges may be revoked for violations of good vehicle conduct or safety rules.

·        We cooperate fully with the Maryville Department of Public Safety in reporting traffic violations.

·        Vehicles may not block gates or driveways.

·        Students are not permitted to visit vehicles during the school day.

·        Loitering in parked cars in the parking lot is prohibited.

Students will not park in designated areas during marching band season.